Welcome in Fillols


In the deep south of France, just a few kilometers from the Spanish boarder, in Catalan country, the village of Fillols began more than 1000 years ago. Half way between the sea and mountains, it is one hour from Mediteranean beaches and one hour from Cerdagne and its ski stations as well.

Nestled at the bottom of the Canigou mountain, at an average height of 2,460 ft (750 m), it's a mountain type village with charm and vibrance because of its warm colored tiles and facades typical of southern France. In the heart of the "parc naturel régional des Pyrénées catalanes," it is surrounded by a protected nature park, by meadows where horses and cows graze, and by forests climbing up to nearby rocky summits.

Fillols is not a large village; it has roughly 200 residents living in houses along streets around the church. But Fillols is full of life and energy. This is the result of its history. The village was a mining town; Canigou iron was mined up to the middle of 20th century. During decades, Fillols people were both miners and farmers. They were Catalan people in love with their sacred mountain where they hunted game, picked berries and mushrooms when their work at the mine and fields was over. This rich and vibrant past has given Fillols’ people a sense of celebration of life and solidarity, and great vitality.

Recent history shows the vitality of the village is growing, with people of all ages, even children and newborn babies, contributing to the ambiance. This revitalization is also seen in the local ecomomy: a "café" and a "café-restaurant" with "bistro de pays" label offering seating on the village square. Here it's possible to appreciate some good quality traditional food. You can find artists, artisans, professionals, electricians, builders, craftsmen, a cattle breeder, beekeepers... impossible to be exhaustive.
Visitors are welcome. They can choose between « gîtes de France » and « clef vacances » accomodations, guestrooms, a « gite d’etape » and a campground located at the base of the Canigou. Many visitors come to hike or to bike on the numerous trails around the Canigou. The most famous trail to the summit, which is also the more direct, starts from the village.

Regarding Fillols’ annual celebration ("La fête de Fillols"), which has been enjoyed every summer for more than 100 years, it must be seen! The party lasts for three intense days and nights with shows, costume dances, music, dances, games, drinks, meals and shared happiness. Its reputation is widely known and every year attracts thousands of participants. "La fête de Fillols" has even inspired a writer to author a very interesting book, and some local artists to compose music. It is organized by the dynamic "Foyer laïque de Fillols", their activities entertain the village all year long.

There are other clubs in Fillols such as the "club amitiés et loisirs." And a hunting association that organizes boar hunts which are famous in the region.

But there is nothing like sharing life here. So, welcome, benvinguts, bienvenue. Come into the website and discover Fillols.