Canigou mountain

Canigó (Canigou in french), symbolic mountain for catalan people

Canigou, holy mountain for catalans, dominating larges areas, standing as a guardian to reassure its people. Its location in front of te see, on the eastern end of the Pyrénées gives it a strong presence and a kind of mistery.

When you are born, or living near this giant, it is something you cannot forget : the autochton, far from it, will feel like an elastic linked to his foot which will inevitably bring him back, the hiker will not endure too long to see it hidden by some clouds.
Cortalets lodge which was a shelter for maquisards (resistants) has been burned during world war 2, it has been rebuilt since, it is a welcome place to rest before or after climbing to the summit. Various itineraries start from this place to go the peak. It will take you around 1h30 mn using the shortest way (depending on you...).

Arriving at the summit reveals an incredible sight on Roussillon plain as on the Pyrénées ridges and the blue of mediteranean sea.
A lot of different trails are starting from Fillols which will allow you to climb the giant. You will find all details in our tourism menu going to hiking part. Enjoy… !

But before to hike, why not visiting the tourist office official page where you will be able to watch a video presenting the ascension to the pic...